Tomnah'a Market Garden

Our friends at Tomnah'a Market Garden supply the majority of Blue Noun's veggies and eggs for 8 months of the year. 
They are naturally grown and tasty - and we have discovered so many new tastes and flavours with them. Veggies that we'd never even heard of! 
In addition, Tomnah'a supply fresh cut flowers to our classroom during their growing season. 
We regularly take our language learners to visit their beautiful garden, meet the growers and find out about their environmentally friendly business model. 
During growing season, Blue Noun is a collection hub for their veggie boxes, with local people dropping in to pick up their vegetables and meeting our students. 



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Autumn Wreath Making Workshop
As well as producing a whole lot of delicious veg for the region, Tomnah'a Market Garden grow organic flowers which supply Comrie Croft Farm Shop, local and national florists as well as regional weddings and funerals. Fresh flower season ends with the first frost.
The remaining field of flowers are quickly picked and dried and used in the autumn wreaths. 
Christmas Wreath Making Workshop
Blue Noun have once again been out to the wonderful Comrie Croft, this time for a Christmas Wreath workshop by Tomnah’a Market Garden.

Here’s Judith doing her demonstration (and I’ll post a second film of us wrestling our wreath into submission - a little less skilfully).

Unfortunately our English language school remains closed to our usual international visitors (who join us for a full-time week or two), but this demo and workshop is a good example of the kind of things our English learners ordinarily get up to.
Christmas Wreath Making Workshop
Here’s myself and Young Blue learning new wreath-making skills (or in someone’s case, hoovering up all the hot chocolate).
Learn more about Tomnah'a here.
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