The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is an outdoor sound, installation and light show which takes place every year in Faskally Wood near Pitlochry.

Visitors arrive by bus from Pitlochry, into a forest filled with lights, sounds and sculptures. As they follow the path around the forest there are stunning, choreographed shows to see and hear - as well as the tiny details of the forest picked out by lights.

This year’s theme is Cosmos.

It’s a mystery how the artists and engineers create the illusions of the light show: an astronaut hovering over the loch, a giant eye staring back at all the spectators. Other parts are more lo-fi, like large listening tubes with funnels playing sounds like ones sent into space.

The word magical gets overused, but this was an enchanting, magic-filled evening. Above all, the event is a celebration of a forest, with our typical experience of a woodland walk both turned on its head and abstracted (as our usual senses get dimmed and new ones heightened).

The event brought the night sky into the forest, and helped us look anew at both tiny leaves and the whole world, universe and cosmos.

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