Pressing Matters - Blue Noun visit The Quarto Press

This weekend, John B. Easson made us welcome in his private print shop, The Quarto Press (Couper Angus) - a studio/workshop brimming with antique marvels on show for the weekend as part of both the Perthshire Open Doors Weekend and Open Studios Week.

While we were there, Mr Easson demonstrated casting lead typeset, the resulting letter blocks were then used to demonstrate letterpress printing in the adjoining print shop.

Mr Easson speaks with huge passion and knowledge about his machines, about the history and art of printing and about the network of enthusiasts the world over still printing with traditional methods and exchanging prints.

There are curiosities all over the shop - carved wooden blocks, printed poetry, newspaper headlines, old photos and contemporary prints made with old technology... It was a privilege getting inside and not just looking but exploring, touching and using such wonders: this visit is must for Artists and Designers.

Once again, we are left feeling our region is just packed full of gems!

Quarto Press is open by appointment to individuals and groups (weblink below).

For English language learners studying with Blue Noun, a visit to The Quarto Press is part of our menu of activities and workshops - you come to us for one week, and we show you our amazing region and introduce you to a variety of people on our Meet the Makers immersive English programme.

Our courses are designed to be richly touristic, fun and interesting (let's have a good time while you are learning) - but above all designed to develop your professional English skills thorough a variety of learning contexts and challenges.

Live language learning!

Find out more from the Quarto Press website here.

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