Photo Shoot Opportunity for Blue Noun Language Learner

Mis à jour : 26 févr. 2020

We've been teaching Annalisa (Italy) both Professional and General English over the last 3 weeks. It came up in conversation quite quickly that she was both searching for work in the UK and had worked part-time as a model in Italy (the latter was not a surprise - she's beautiful!).

As part of her English class, we've been working on her CV and Cover Letter for job applications,* as well as practicing job interview language and techniques.

Rather unusually we thought it could be useful to send out an advert on our Social Media to see if any local business could use her as a model in a photo shoot (another thing that was quickly clear to us is that Annalisa has a great sense of adventure, and is keen to maximise her time in Scotland). It was a bit of a ploy to get word out to as many people as we could that she was searching for work, but we thought it could lead to some fun experiences too.

*She's an Economics Graduate & Business Management Post-Grad student, looking to work in retail and or hospitality, just in case you are hiring!

We also invited Annalisa to a Women's Enterprise Networking Event organised by GrowBiz. GrowBiz are a non-profit team of business advisers who bring skills, training and advice to any local business which requests it. One of their specific challenges is to link together independent businesses within Perth and Kinross, helping them best form alliances with each other to help overcome the challenges of operating in rural areas and/or in isolation.

(Find out more here.)

It was the perfect opportunity for Annalisa to put her English skills into practice, by making a short, introductory presentation to the local business community.

Growbiz Women's Enterprise Networking Event, at the cosy Meadow Inn, Crieff

We also directly emailed The Perthshire Magazine with our advert. They were a natural first choice due to their stunning photography and local features. They quickly let us know that they had recently been contacted by a freelance photographer, Hayley Smith, and would Annalisa and Hayley like to collaborate on a project? Hayley and Annalisa arranged to meet for a photo shoot at Crieff's stunning 'Knock'- the wooded hill which rises sharply behind Crieff and provides splendid and extensive views across Crieff and Strathearn.

View over Crieff, from the shoulder slope of the Knock

As we climbed the hill, Hayley selected different locations for shots and Annalisa slipped easily into professional model mode.

While friend Anna (France) and I watched the show.

We might have surprised a few walkers!

At the top, the views were magnificent: a beautiful, snowy backdrop for a stunning girl.

Once finished, there was time to fly a kite in the gusty, fresh winds...

Time for a snowball fight...

Time to enjoy the scenery and chat...

...and look at photos from Annalisa's portfolio (clearly taken on warmer modelling shoots!)

Ruth (Blue Noun Teacher & Director), Anna (France), Annalisa (Italy) and Hayley

Knock Hill, Crieff

We love a trip up the Knock, it's a short, steep climb up, but the views are breathtaking. It is almost one year since we made this film of daffodils at the top of the hill (around Easter time). After enjoying this first touch of sunshine melting the lingering snow, surely Spring is on it's way!

We can't wait to see Hayley's professional photos in The Perthshire Magazine. We'll keep you posted when they come out!

Live language learning!

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