Libby Scott Paints Up a Storm at The Bield

Mis à jour : 13 sept. 2019

At Blue Noun we’re enjoying Perthshire Open Studios immensely. If you've not yet been, The Barn Gallery at The Bield houses a fabulous group exhibition - and it's also a beautiful gallery space set within remarkable grounds.

I cannot tell you enough how much we loved Libby Scott’s paintings: she captures the mood of the skies and the energy of being outside in temperamental, stormy Perthshire landscape (for more information watch her video below).

For contrast, while visiting the exhibition you are welcome to wander into The Bield's Walled Garden for some glorious calm. Push open the old wooden door and find a space where the same Scottish nature has been tamed into a verdant paradise of flowers and butterflies.

"Bield" is an old Scottish word, rich and resonant in meanings, from shelter to welcome, from refuge to strength". * The Bield at Blackruthven is a business offering a palace of celebration (weddings, funerals), rest, meditation and religious retreats. It's clearly a marvellous, peaceful place to be.

The Bield's Open Studio's exhibition seems to be curated largely to celebrate the wonderful, physical natural world mirrored by The Bield's land and surrounding landscape. We also loved Rachel Bower and Anna Olson's ceramics works and Scott Carruthers' odd little icon which obstinately tackles disquieting metaphysical questions about man, nature and religion while refreshingly proffering no serious conclusions at all.

Blue Noun is an English language school in Crieff, offering immersive English experiences around Strathearn, including a week travelling around Perthshire Open Studios meeting artists and learning about Contemporary Scottish Art.

Live language learning!

Find out more about the Bield here (*quote taken from this website)

Find out more about Libby Scott's artwork here

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