Chief Leaf says 'Crieff in Leaf's in Grief.'

Mis à jour : 14 août 2019

We've been wanting to champion this Green Army for a while now. For those who don't know, Crieff in Leaf are the team of volunteers who've been transforming Crieff's public spaces for over 25 years with their gardening prowess.

They fundraised, commissioned and managed the wonderful family of 'coos that welcome arrivals to Crieff from their grassy outlook on Burrel Square.

They've put/improved benches, planters, hanging baskets, gardens and decorative signage through the communal areas of our town.

And they're out and about in our streets tending to their plants through all kinds of Scottish weather (usually the wet kind) for all our community's benefit.

Just try to imagine what Crieff would look without their hard work and expertise and you have to agree they make our town glorious!

Hanging basket in Crieff Town Centre

Today, we invited 'The 'Leafers' into Blue Noun to introduce ourselves and find out a little more about their organisation.

We spoke with Juliet Hughes (AKA Chief Leaf) the organisation's Vice Chair, who's been hands-on involved for 15 years, Sandra Cambell a second Chief Leaf management member with 11 years involvement, Kate MacAuley, a volunteer gardener with some 9 years with Crieff in Leaf and Margaret Morrison, Treasurer (and clearly the Money Tree Leaf) with an impressive 20+ years given to supporting this organisation.

Crieff in Leaf have had their green fingers in some terrific transformations in the town and seen the High Street change enormously for both good and bad (no, they did not plant the trees growing from the walls of the abandoned hotels).

Perhaps we have all become just a bit too used to a good thing? Crieff in Leaf has an uncertain season ahead. Its core demographic is aging and new recruit numbers this season are critically low.

The team meet every Wednesday from February onwards. It's a social, fun group which needs to increase its wealth of reliable volunteer drivers, waterers and experienced management people (as as well as gardeners) to ensure it continues its dynamic path in the future.

If you're tempted, but an inexperienced gardener - don't worry. I can't think of a better way to learn!

Live language learning!

Blue Noun

Sandra Campbell (left) and Kate MacAuley at Blue Noun

Margaret Morrison (left) and Juliet Hughes at Blue Noun

Go to to find out more.

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