Blue Noun at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Last weekend, Blue Noun joined the fun happening across Edinburgh, letting people know that there’s a new way to learn English in Scotland.

Kenny and Ruth joined the street artists on Edinburgh's Royal Mile.

This street is famous worldwide, as it is traditionally where performers from all the Fringe performances across Edinburgh dress up and/or perform exerts of their show for free (hoping that this taster will later sell tickets).

Due to the sheer quantity of shows, there's competition driving each on into more and more extroverted displays.

It's also full of protesters, musicians, street artists and people from around the world.

The result is a medieval, cobbled street just full of colour, noise and people - with mad events and sights happening all over.

It's a first stop for tourists to gather to plan their festival - or just soak up the wonderful, crazy, fun atmosphere.

Last weekend weekend, Blue Noun were there with our signs in Chinese and Japanese, reading 'Are You Learning English' to tell people about the unique courses offered by Blue Noun in Crieff.

We met a lot of great people! Thanks to everyone who stopped to say hello!

Live Language learning!

Ruth on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Kenny on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh

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