A Visit to Wester Fowlis

A visit to Wester Fowlis - a tiny village near Crieff which is home to a magnificent sculpted Pictish standing stone.

Wester Fowlis lies on a steep hillside, surrounded by dramatic Scottish scenery - both arable and verdant farmland and (higher up) rolling moorland. The area is just bursting with wildlife.

The Wester Fowlis moorland also has Prehistoric standing stones, stone circles and a Bronze Age hill fort. Like anything truly ancient, being close to it can inspire awe at the age of it, the intertwined history of our society and our land. Stand there and you will be filled with a sense of both how quickly and slowly time passes.

On this visit, we could see a storm rolling in to the West, which on an open hillside, just magnifies our awareness of time. Storms come in fast, and for a brief period they seem to change everything.

I always imagine ancient people reading the skies, seeking shelter in the landscape and the standing stones standing tall throughout.

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